Dieter Hammer, Autoportrait 2020



Dieter works in various media and performance. Over the last decade his research and practice focussed on the aesthetic, theoretical and philosophical implications of photography as a medium. He coined the name „Tansmimetic Photography“ for a practice combining lens-based and non-lens-based photography. In addition, he expanded the concept of photography by introducing photographic ready-mades. 


Another scope of work deals with the ontology of art and the mediation of aesthetic experiences and epiphanies. Object and non-object based. Artist = medium.


Both streams of research and practice targeted at deconstructing reductionist concepts of photography and art in order to come up with answers to what photography and art practices could be like in a holistic sense.


In recent research and works he deals with the history of landscape in art and it´s meaning. Main areas of interest are: Chinese Southern Sung dynasty, 18c England, the aesthetics of the Japanese Mingei movement and Pictorialism as photographic approach. Maybe something good from the past got lost and might be worth-wile to be rediscovered, analysed and re-contextualized in order to inform contemporary practices.






Sotheby´s Institute of Art, London, Works of Art Course

School of Philosophy of the Jesuit Order, Munich, MA in philosophy


Talks, worpshops, symposia (selection)





Apply until Saturday, 30 March 2024

Skopje, North Macedonia

A workshop for contemporary art practices by Dieter Hammer M.A., Philosopher and Artist

Time: 1 & 3 April 2024. The workshop will be realized through two meetings, the first at the Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje, on April 1 (Monday), in the period 11:00-13:30, and the second on April 3 (Wednesday), in the period 11:00 -13:30, at the Faculty of Fine Arts – Skopje (facility: Faculty of Pedagogy).

The semiotisation of objects, thus having charismatic agency, has played a vital role in creating and stabilizing narratives, create social cohesion, but also reframe stereotypes and introduce new ideas. Through the workshop participants are introduced to various ways of the semiotisation of things (by concept, design, ready made) and will be given insight in the ways objects have agency within an aesthetic context.

The workshop is intended for students in the final years of their studies and for artists who are at the beginning of their artistic practice. The workshop will be in English. Interested participants can register until March 30, by filling out the form available at the following link.

For more information contact:

The workshop is a collaboration of the Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje, the Faculty of Fine Arts – Skopje and OPA Foundation.


2019 11th Art Symposium of the Protestant Church of Bavaria. „Autonomy-Participation-Cooperation“ the new relationship of artist, work and audience in contemporary art.

Lecture performance: „Mediation of aesthetic experiences in a situative dialogue exemplified through the performance project „it“. St. Marcus church, Munich.



Helmut Braun M.A., Dr. Andreas Mertin, Dr. Richrd Graupner, Dean Barbara Kittelberger, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schwenk, Dieter Hammer M.A..


2018 Symposium: „Atmosphere Contemporary“. Lecture: „Atmosphere in the relationship of photographic representation and design“. European Center of Art Upper Bavaria, Freising.

Atmosphäre Contemporary.pdf
PDF-Dokument [95.8 KB]


2017 Symposium: „Reformation Contemporary“. European Center of Art Upper Bavaria, Freising


  • Jochen Hauer: Introduction
  • Helmut Braun: The exclusivity of the word? Mediation of religious content via artistic media.
  • Dieter Hammer: Appeal and imagination.
  • Prof. Dr. Oswald Bayer: Image and word. On Luther´s reformatoric understanding of word and image.
  • Dr. Kassandra Nakas: Beliefmatter and printmatter. The labnguage critical turn and the question of religion in contemporary art.
  • Moderation: Dr. Björn Vedder

2017 Symposium: „The Performing Touch  - The Performing Relationship in Theaters and Performances“. Performance Talk „it“. Cultural centre Škofja Loka, Slovenia



Dr. Tomaž Krpič

Dieter Hammer M.A.


Speakers and performers:

Lzr. Prof. Dr. Tomaz Toporisic

Dr. Jens Kabisch

Dr. Maya Murnik

Dieter Hammer M.A.

Ryuzu Fukuhara

Prof. Dr. Raiko Mursic

Mag. Barbara Pia Jenic

Radharani Pernarcic

Jatun Risba

Mag. Sabdra Jenko

Dr. Tomaz Krpic

PDF-Dokument [282.2 KB]

2016 Talk: „Transmimetic Photography“. Friedhofsmuseum Berlin e.V.


2015 Talk: „The komma within infinity. Creativity and breeches of symmetry“. Mittagskreis, Munich


2014 Panel on the situation of contemporary art in Ex-Yugoslavia. Gülsen Bal and Dieter Hammer in conversation Vladimir Janchevski, Kooperacija, Skopje and Barbara Borčić, SCCA-Ljlubljana. 


2013 Talk: „Transmimetic Photography“. Mittagskreis, Munich


2013 Panel: „Cross-border artistic and institutional networking; the ex-Yugoslav context as a model for Europe“ Dieter Hammer in conversation with Barbara Borčić (SCCA-Ljubljana), Borut Vogelnik (IRWIN Group), Igor Toshevski (Kooperacija Skopje), Miroslav Karic (Remond, Belgrade), Zoran Pantelić (Kuba, Novi Sad).


Exhibitions (selection)




ORF Museum Night Austria, photo show with works of Dieter Hammer, Kunstraum Obervellach


„Lumen Amen - Transformations of Light“ photo exhibition curated by Katja Böhlau and Benjamin Kummer, Friedhofsmuseum Berlin


Artists: Rodrigo Alcocer de Garay, Aliénor Dauchez, Marta Djourina, Julia Glubs, Dieter Hammer, Kirsten Heuschen, Kartin Kamrau, Benjamin Kummer, Anton Laub, Kichun Park, Marie Rief.


„College Multiple: Mulligan Stew“ curated by Bastien Rousseau. Juxtaposition of works by Dieter Hammer and Julien Sellam, 5un7 art space Bordeaux, curatorial residence CAPC Bordeaux




Agata Trojar “Nekaj grižljajev lune”, Cultural centre Škofja Loka, Slovenia


Artists: Lado Jakša, Agata Pavlovec,Maja Šubic, Dieter Hammer, Berko, Anja Fabiani, Mirko Mihovec, Branko Lozar, Peter Gaber, Boris Kubelj, Izidor Vrhovnik – Dore, Mojca Pintar, Karla B. Rihtaršič, Janez Plestenjak, Marija Podvez, Rado Dagarin, Barbara Demšar, Andrej Perko, Anton Gaber, Roman Veras, Janez Meglič, Aleš Meglič, Marina Trojar Kular, Matej Plestenjak, Petra Plestenjak, Simon Mlakar, Lojze Tarfila, Boris Primožič, Lejla Vita Ritaršič, Avgust Babnik, Tomaž Lunder, Edi Sever.


„Positions in Contemporary Architecture Photography“, Museum of Architecture Swabia, Augsburg




Artist lab: „John Cage and Co.“ curated by Joachim Tschacher and Dieter Hammer, Forum Kunst und Handwerk, Ebrantshausen



Wolfgang Bauer

Dieter Hammer

Peter Kollross

Elisabeth Krojer

Thomas von Steinaecker

Joachim Tschacher


Common Ground Intervention in public spaces, video streaming, Maximiliansforum, Munich




Annual exhibition Kunstverein Landshut


„Granda Mostov“ works of Dieter Hammer and Thomz Lunder, Stadtmuseum Freising


„The Cosmic Artisan“ curated by Bastien Rousseau, Siegfried Contemporary, London



Elena Bajo

Dieter Hammer

Ciarán O Dochartaigh

Gregory Polony

Artie Vierkant


Regional artists exhibition, Museum im Pflegschloss, Schrobenhausen




Annual Exhibition, Kunstverein Landshut


„Portret“ 15th Kolonia Iveta Šubica, Skofja Loka




„Ivan Dai Mi Respetlin“, Sokolski Dom, Skofja Loka


„Seven Artists - Hallertau“, Deutsches Hopfenmuseum, Wolnzach